Mission and Promise

Trappist Dairy is dedicated to providing dairy products of the best quality for you and your family's daily consumption.


Brand Story

Trappist Dairy believes that milk is the best natural source of nutrition.


We started out as a small dairy farm operated under the Trappist Monastery on Lantau Island in the early 60's. There was once a very kind-hearted monk who donated dairy cattle to the Monastery. Impressed by the smooth, soft milk produced, the priests then founded a small operation to supply bottled fresh milk for the neighborhoods and visitors, in return for the blessings received. The operation carried on until the early 80's when the plant was relocated from Lantau to the manufacturing plant in Yuen Long, and appointed managing board of directors in order to meet increasing demand for the Trappist brand fresh milk from the public.


We have been devoted to providing quality and healthy dairy beverages for you and your family's daily consumption under professional quality control. Apart from the popular Trappist Dairy Pure Fresh Milk, we had also developed a wide range of delicious flavored beverages, including Low Lactose Milk Drink and Ginger Milk Drink, for the needs of different customers.


The characteristic red ribbon on our packages represents our love and care for our customers, and also our insistence on top quality and distinctive taste in our dairy products.


Trappist Dairy’s full-range products are widely available for purchase at supermarkets and chain stores. You may as well find them in the menus or cuisines at the hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong!

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