Year Events
The 60s Founded under the Trappist Monastery on Lantau Island with donated dairy cattle from a kind monk, to supply bottled fresh milk for the neighborhoods, visitors and Hilton Hotel.
Early 80s Relocated to the cattle farm and manufacturing plant in Yuen Long. Bottled milk  and chocolate milk produced available at stores only.
Mid-80s Started manufacturing Trappist Dairy Pure Fresh Milk and Chocolate Milk in box packing.
Late-80s Product ranges formally launched at large-scale supermarkets.
1995 Launched the pioneering Trappist Dairy Ginger Low Fat Milk Drink in the local market.
2003 Engineered and developed Trappist Dairy Low Lactose Milk Drink.
2004 First launched Trappist Mango Papaya Milk Drink.
2007 Launched the fruity Trappist Dairy Low Fat Yogurt Drink.
2008 The launched Trappist Dairy Soya Go Go Fresh Soya Milk became one of Circle K "Always Something New" Top 10 Products.
2009 Yogurt drink series’ packing revamped in May. New tropical flavors of mango and pineapple introduced.

Full range product’s packing revamped in July.
Trappist Dairy gained the 7-Eleven's "2009 Top Brand Campaign Award"
2010 World Milk Day Campaign organised by Trappist Dairy.

Hong Kong Primary Schools Milk Box  Design Competition in March.

District-wide roadshow of Trappist Dairy World Milk Day educational truck, campus tour with seminar health talks.

World Milk Day Carnival in May 29-30.

Launch of limited edition milk drinks with boxes designed by 3 champions.
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